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Whether You Are a – Sitting Tenant – Private Landlord or Estate Agent – We Want To Hear From You!

If you are sitting tenant then a good deep clean will help make sure to get your deposit back from your landlord by having us visit you to do your end of tenancy clean.

It is a very wise decision to do this to bring the property back up to scratch for your landlord to be happy with the hand over of his/her property, You actually stand to get most if not all your deposit back for doing this,

we also think it shows a lot of respect to your landlord which will again go in your favour with his decision on your deposit back.

North wales cleaners has experience in the rental industry, we know this service has helped many people redeem their full deposit in the past, in fact, we think showing some courtesy to your landlord will help him/her turn a blind eye to the smaller things he or she may find which is normally just fair wear and tear and to be expected.

We offer a professional service within this industry including working for private landlords and estate agents who want their property’s back up to scratch for the next tenant to move in quick time.

Work Includes – Just About Everything There Is To An End Of Tenancy Clean:

  • Sanitary-ware – Sinks – Toilets – Wash Basins – Shower units – Baths.
  • Oven & Hob cleaning.
  • Doors and handles.
  • Skirting Boards – Treads and risers.
  • UPVC windows and glass – Window Sills.
  • Light switches and sockets.
  • Kitchen cupboards – Inside & Out.
  • Vacuum carpets – Treat stains .
  • Professional industrial carpet cleaning.
  • Steam cleaning – vinyl floors – wooden floors – tiled floors.
  • General Surfaces – Dusting – Deep Cleaning to mould & mildew.

Nothing is to much trouble for us, you only have to ask if you have any special requirements for your job, we have male and female cleaners at hand to suit your requirements,

Deep cleans are based on priced work where we will come out to view the property in it’s current condition, To then work out a price for the job for you to bring the property back to it’s former glory.

General Deep Cleaning:

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We cover it all, we have seen it all, we understand the mess some properties get left in where the tenant has had no respect, the usual cases are the fact they have not opened the windows for months which causes mould and mildew around the UPVC and reveals of the windows,

Another main culprit is smoking in the house causing nicotine stains to all the plastics, woodwork such as doors, skirting boards, door frames, even the light bulbs!

Kitchen And Bathroom – Usual Expected Cleaning Jobs Due To Poor Hygiene And No Ventilation:

Tiles, glassware, sanitary-ware are the usual poor hygiene areas in our experience, mainly due to not opening windows, leaving floors soaking for to long, not wiping tiles down of excess water and overuse with no ventilation being introduced into the room,

Another suspect in the bathroom is poor silicone’d areas causing damp, we do not replace silicone but all the dirty jobs can and will be tackled on a deep clean along with anything else such as,

  • Deep Grime Marks – Cleaned up.
  • Mouldy Grout Lines – Whitened.
  • Limescale – Removed.
  • Grease – Removed.
  • Fixtures And Fittings – Taps – Shower Heads – Flush – Glassware – Bath Panels – Holders.
  • Tiles – We have some great solutions for cleaning up tiles.

We cover all aspects of treating these problems and more, we have another page on this website where we explain in a lot more detail about our cleaning services.

Professional Carpet Cleaning:

We are a domestic cleaning company, Therefore we hoover the carpets with only the best, most powerful Henry hoovers.

If your looking to have your carpets professionally cleaned with our industrial carpet cleaner then you must state this upon contacting us as we have separate rates for carpet cleaning

If commercial carpet cleaning is required then we can also take control and organise this to be done for you!

Other Services we offer:

Other cleaning services we can offer you, such as our home clean visits or our holiday homes cleaning services where we clean chalets , caravans, holiday homes, cottages etc.

If you are looking for an End of Tenancy clean to have your home ready for an inspection then please don’t hesitate to contact us

Or simply leave your enquiry in the comment box provided for you below, We will always get back to you!

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